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Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon X

Pokemon X

Pokémon X  and Pokémon Y  are the primary paired versions of Generation VI. The games are available on the Nintendo 3DS. The games take place in the new Kalos region.

Pokemon Y

Pokemon Y

Currently working ROMS for these games do not exist. But join the forum community below to get alerted when they become available
Pokemon X and Y

63 Responses to “Pokemon X and Y”

  1. Ichi1234 says:

    i like the game

  2. johanngacayan says:

    how to the pokemon x & y

  3. Pikachu Trio says:

    Pika-Pika Me Pika Play If no Download 😀

  4. Dieter de Jong says:

    For a working Pokemon X and Y Rom check our Blog: http://pokemon-x-and-y.blogspot.com/

  5. NightCrawler says:

    What about for tablets? Like a Google nexus 7?

  6. emilio says:

    Me gusta el juego muy cho

  7. omarburgos says:

    do you have pokemon x and y in gba ? i need that game

  8. Cherry ♥ says:

    ¡Quiero jugarlo!
    Apenas lo tengan lo descargaré <3

  9. IAmAnAss says:

    Dieter de Jong your stupid. it doesnt work. why do people have to be stupid and believe everything they think they know on these sites. like how one talks is only inhabited by the imagination of those who read it. im just streight forward so i dont give a damn. next time i see someone with a rip off scam site like the one Dieter posted ill report you so dont try me.

  10. mattew says:

    i created a version but its hack and its pokemon diancie and the jewel of life i will realesed it soon…

  11. Latios Lovers says:

    Are Nitendo 3DS Emulator Have In Android Phone????

  12. Latios Lovers says:

    Are You Want Play Pokemon Tries this Pokemon Myster Dungeon: Gates To Infinity That game just for Nitendo 3DS And Nitendo 2DS

  13. Varun Gaikwad says:

    Is there any working 3ds emulator n pokemon xy working rom

  14. Jericho Alicando Alicando says:

    this is not working

  15. MainMan says:

    If only the 3ds emulator came out i would be so happy

  16. Jacques Macatangay says:


  17. zxrdm says:

    Never download ROMS for 3ds games. Not only that they are 99.9% a scam or fake, but there is no emulator for the 3ds so it doesn’t matter if you have the rom or not.

  18. ashton says:

    guys guys guys. Just calm down the key to sending a message takes four easy steps. step one: Send death threat. Step two: Put a moose’s head in their bed. Step three: Assasinate them. Step four: GET THE HELL OUT OF THE MAFIA.

  19. imperial dragon says:


  20. lulloffbrodojo says:

    does anyone have an estamate on when x and y are going to get released on this sight

  21. braden says:

    im 11 years old

  22. braden says:

    i love pokemon

  23. braden says:

    why isnt any body listining to me

  24. braden says:

    i like having friends

  25. braden says:

    hello any buddy there

  26. braden says:

    kids make fun of me because i have atism and adhd

  27. braden says:

    im in fith g r a d e

  28. braden says:

    i want a friend to talk with

  29. braden says:

    not people that are going to ignore me

  30. SAMURIADI says:

    can we get a pokemon soul silver and heart gold first before x and y? i think if we can pass on the lower teir of graphics cards before going to the almost 3-d graphics we could solve alot of problems

  31. Anmol Sharma says:

    Hi pokemon online roms I know why u are taking so much time as I feel that u will release 100% working and survey free x and y rom and NINTENDO 3DS Emulator which i searched all over internet but just scam..and plz tell definite time..and i need anyone to talk with who knew everything about pokemon roms and nintendo 3ds

  32. Anmol Sharma says:

    why in such a long period of time NINTENDO 3DS emulator didn’t come out…..working with no fukin survey

  33. Anmol Sharma says:

    just need wrking 3ds emulator

  34. Anmol Sharma says:

    who will sucessfully crack and hack it..

  35. Sharif Hasan says:

    bullshit! this site is fuck

  36. cfrrrvj says:


  37. Amit Gupta says:

    How can I download Pokemon x and y

  38. nigger says:

    It says currently working roms for this game do not exist

  39. Bern says:

    Essas letras brancas não da pra ver quase nada

  40. Clint91930 says:

    I have roms for these games. You need a DS emulator (I’d suggest DeSmuMe) and then download the roms from https://www.loveroms.com/download/nintendo-ds/ and search for the games you want. I got HeartGold & SoulSilver, Black & White and X & Y.

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