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Pokemon FireRed

This rom is best played with: Visual Boy Advance

Pokemon FireRed

Pokemon FireRed

Pokémon FireRed Version and Pokémon LeafGreen Version  are a pair of main series Generation III games that are set in the Kanto region. They were released in Japan on January 29, 2004, in North America on September 9, 2004, in Australia on September 23, 2004 and in Europe on October 1, 2004.

100 Responses to “Pokemon FireRed”

  1. Desiree McDaniel says:

    It’s saying the rom is broken..

  2. Pikachu Trio says:

    And I Cant Download it 😀

  3. BootyTootie says:

    yay, who give a forks

  4. Shanzey Rana says:

    how can i play?? there is no where written play

  5. jennaemily says:

    I cant get past the second help screen in the begining, A isnt working

  6. Johnmichael Mansineros says:

    how to download

  7. Dillon Blackwood says:


  8. prottoy says:

    this isn’t running, rubbish

  9. Guest says:

    I dont want to dowbload it 🙁

  10. Kairo says:

    Why wont it let me save???

  11. yamikaizer says:

    Is this a virus? I really want to play

  12. Abhinav Iyengar says:

    what do I have to do after extracting the files

  13. Pranjali Srivastava says:

    ‘The 1m sub-circuit board is not installed’ – I receive this message every time I press ‘start’
    please help

  14. Ressonance Melody says:

    How can I save??? This game said save error…
    Please… I want to have my childhood memories back…

  15. Gabriel says:

    muito bom … rodou sem bug nenhum, sem problemas!

  16. huheuhe says:

    muito bom

  17. prestern says:

    can unityweb player take the place of visualboyadvance????

  18. weil says:

    it’s saying that the 1M sub-circuit board is not installed. I’m using Visual Boy advence

  19. angelo says:

    guys whats the controls tell me

    • Jeremy says:

      Options>>Joypad>>Configure>>[1…] will open a window to view your current controls and allow you to change them up as you see fit.

      Some default controls are Z&X = Buttons A&B, Enter = Start, and Arrow Keys = movement D-Pad.

      If you can’t find the [Options] tab, try pressing alt+o to open/expand it.

      *EDIT* this is assuming you use VisualBoyAdvanced as your emulator of choice; other emulators use different terminology.

  20. Samantha Van Houten says:

    It won’t let me go to the next page after I press “A”

  21. honestly, if you guys don’t understand how to use the gameboy advanced simulator, (visualboyadvance), the lease you can do is search up how to use it, if nothing makes sense, then ask. 😡

    • Draco says:

      I personally use Myboy emulator its simple and easy to use and you usually dont need to unzip the file to play. Especially if you are using mobile devices.

  22. jm says:

    but it didn’t work after i beat the elite four and the rival

  23. jm says:

    please reply fast

  24. jony1117 says:

    why does it keep saying exchange backup memory can someone plz help

  25. jm says:

    how to save the game after beating the elite four and the champion?
    plss help me

  26. That One Guy says:

    Um, can I get a fuck yes?

  27. robert says:

    i am getting a felling to fuck it

  28. Jose says:

    Okay, so i download and unzip the file but when i go to VBA to open it, it says “rom can not contain spaces” can someone help?

  29. Pokeman says:

    What is the M1-Sub circuit board?

    • Cal9 says:

      If you’re having a problem with it at the start then go to Options, Emulator, Save type and the put it on flash 128K

  30. Eric says:

    How do i dawnlode

  31. roy krohn says:

    where s the download for the gameboy app

  32. Fervi Ingco says:

    Why I cannot download this game?

  33. Connor says:

    It keeps making me quit when I try to go to a pokemart or pokemon center

  34. Jacob Chap says:

    it says 1 m circuit board is not installed

  35. Fuzzy coco says:

    it says the 1mb circuit board isnt installed.. help

  36. bill says:

    Does anyone know why this doesn’t have a slot for TM’s and HM’s in the backpack??? Haven’t found a firered rom that doesn’t have this issue

    • Prussina_Canadian says:

      firered didn’t have a TM AND HM slot it is a case. when you receive a TM or HM you get a TM case. open your bag then head to your key items slot and the TM case will be there

  37. Bryce Carbalss Al says:

    When ever I walk it a grey screen with pixels stretches the screen and gets back to the normal if i stop? Please help

  38. Marlena Kubkowska says:


  39. cheezer4998 says:

    it says 1mb sub-circuit board not installed

  40. rick says:

    does it work with nds emulator

  41. Mc Bugiu da Grota says:

    massa pa karaio

  42. jonathan says:

    anyone who doesn’t like this game is coco

  43. ruan dantas says:


  44. ruan dantas says:


  45. Henry Enevoldsen says:

    what’s up players

  46. ruan dantas says:

    Ruan dantas

  47. Porn says:

    Is this legit?

  48. Hovseb says:


  49. Jacobe says:


  50. GARY says:

    I downloaded it but it is not responding

  51. Pikachu says:

    I download it, and I put it in a rom folder, then I open up 7-zip, and I open visualBoy advanced, then I click files, open gameboy, and I select the download but there is nothing popping up!,its just saying its an empty folder can anyone please help????? D:

  52. jango says:

    This is Cool

  53. fluffy woofy 2.0 says:

    i never played this before some can you give me advice Kaito?

  54. fluffy woofy 2.0 says:

    im going to download see ya

  55. fluffy woofy 2.0 says:

    i got it

  56. fluffy woofy 2.0 says:

    it wont let me save either it must be a glitch.

  57. peeeeeee says:

    when I select for firing a move then my game crashes?

  58. frackle says:

    everytime i try to play i cnt gt past oak saying This world is full of….

    and then it just crashes like wtf???

    I’m trying to do a randomizer nuzlocke challenge and this is the only rom i can find to work :/

  59. reejan says:

    why it will not download

  60. bruinsgirl33 says:

    Can’t get past the second help screen. I’ve got it set so that the A button on my keyboard is the A button in-game (more comfortable for me). I can’t do anything. Help!

  61. Otávio V. C. Jorge says:


  62. dont click says:

    Virus 🙂

  63. Arib says:

    It does not work. It crashes while opening. But why?

  64. Tenkū Shadō says:

    What are the controls? I’m using No$GBA and I can’t figure out the controls

  65. pika says:

    how do you in stall the 1m circuit board

  66. Jack Boxall says:

    Is this safe?

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