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Pokemon Emerald

This rom is best played with: Visual Boy Advance

Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon Emerald

Pokémon Emerald Version  is a sister game to Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions, and is the fifth and final Generation III main series game. Like its predecessor, Pokémon Crystal Version, it added many features not present in the earlier paired versions. It was released in Japan on September 16, 2004, in North America on May 1, 2005.

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  1. Pikachu Trio says:

    Aww.. A pop up Says ” File Not Recognized” then it stops

  2. Vee Harrison says:

    is anyone else getting this files battery ran out can not play?
    Can someone email me something that does work?
    Vampire_misstress Hotmail

    • PokeMasterDebator says:

      Click Options at the top, then Emulator, then play as 128k rather than the 67k. Then reset the emulator (close/open) and viola.

    • TerrariaDude015 says:

      If it Say The Battery Has Ran Dry Dont Worry About it U Can Still Play Just Press Z

  3. polak says:


  4. jay says:

    this is my first time playing and i dont know what to do to start

    • Dragon says:

      To start this rom, or game… You must first download GBA, Aka GAMEBOY ADVANCED, or VISUAL BOY ADVANCED. Download it. And then run it, now take the pokemon emerald and drag it on the game. and you get to play! Have fun 🙂

  5. Phoenix says:

    Im having trouble with playing I can get it open and started but it freezes when it says “However, clock-based events will no longer occor.” And in the top left corner the it says anywhere from 500-550% someone please help I really want to play but this keeps happening and Ive re-downloaded the game like 3 times but deleting the files after this happens.

  6. Selina says:

    This took me a long time to figure this out. Before you download VBA emulator make sure it has the option “link” when you click “options” (one next to file ). This way if you want to play with other players and trade with them you can or on a single computer with yourself. Google VBA with link and the top one should help you.

    BEFORE playing pokemon emerald assuming you downloaded the game, open vba emulator. Then click on options go to “emulator” and put a check on “real time clock.” Next, go to “save type” and change it to “Flash 128k” ( instead of 64K) And Finally you can reset… This will automatically save progress

    Just a little heads up I dont want any more victims >.<

  7. Lunaian says:

    I keep getting message that “the internal batter has run dry”. Help! What to do?

  8. r@fu says:

    Its a good rom not bad if u have all necessary things

  9. Jayden Ebert says:

    works for me 100%

  10. Eva Eekhof says:

    can someone please tell how to do this? i have no vba or gba or something like that, please explain to me !

  11. gamerxd says:

    extrat the file noobs

  12. Abella John Paul says:

    how to apply it i dunno how to ????? please help.

  13. superplayer says:

    it just says open or save, I click open and nothing happens, I click save, and it duplicates

  14. Gerald says:

    I liked this game in my home world

  15. sam says:

    hey guys need help with this. just played till the fire gym, and then i closed GBA. I use WinRar and stuff, but whne i opened it i pressed (F1) which reloads the slate i saved, but everythings gone…..

  16. emanotoch says:

    fajne pogram sobie

  17. Andrew says:

    When I turn on my emulator the size is so small!!! help me plz. How do I get it bigger. My fullscreen won’t work

  18. Bobo says:

    When i did everything and wanted to start and it got me to New game and Options. Then i cant continue? Help?

  19. unikittyrage98 says:

    I have a problem,I changed the save and all like people said but earlier today when I opened Emerald it doesn’t have any save file.But I saved it the last time before quitting VBA.Can someone explain to me about this? (Now I have to start all over with all the gym leaders ~^~)

  20. TerrariaDude015 says:

    I Got MewTwo Finally 😀

  21. KeTiMi says:

    For some reason I can’t open it, it just brings me to my downloads.

  22. Anonymous Loser says:

    So, the game works. Right up until the part where you help Wally catch his ralts. He walks into the grass, and the game freezes right when he says, “Whoa!” It does this every time. I’ve tried all four emulators on coolroms, and the downloaded the rom from several different sites with no success. Please help.

  23. elenh skarlidoy says:

    Is my first pokémon game in my life and is amazing I like very mustThe emerald version (I use the MY BOY FREE GBA EMULATOR from Play Store)

  24. DoubleDose says:

    i have a problem.. its says “the archive is either in unknown format or damaged” what do i do?

  25. imperial dragon says:


  26. Ryan Alves Medeiros says:

    i tried all the roms i could like trashman and other types,but this one worked perfectly.Thanks Pokemononlineroms

  27. Chirag says:

    someone please help, it keeps on saying “Failed – Network error” whenever I try to download

  28. ChocoTea says:

    online now

  29. disqus_KB6seVpfri says:

    each time i entre the pokemon centre at the beggening of the game the game shuts down and the save dosent save help pleas

  30. nathen says:

    mines not downloading

  31. Al says:

    Mine says this: the internal battery has run dry, the game can be played. I have tried every button but nothing works!!!

  32. Hikari Andreana says:

    For me things were simple. First click Visual Boy Advance and then click download after that right-click then extract files and open the file open emulator. Then go back to this place http://pokemononlineroms.com and then choose pokemon version found on the left side and then click download then after that right-click then extract files and then go back to the emulator click open and look for the pokemon file then click and there you go start playing.I hope this helped ^^

  33. hudhaifah abdullah says:

    Pretty cool, honestly,I love it

  34. Techno Crafter says:

    Ah…The file I recieve is a application, with format .exe

  35. RIckbox says:

    Why do I get a popup that asks me if I want to download the rom, then I get a .exe file with a very sketchy looking icon similar to the winrar icon? Even if that was meant to be winrar, it still should be .zip or .rar, not .exe. This seems like a virus to me…

    • MonsterTeddy says:

      as you know, the .exe is not the file we want (AT ALL)
      Just right-click the “Download” and click copy link address. Then open a new tab and paste the link on.
      The .zip file will then download

  36. Eibni says:

    it gives me an .exe file, and obviously I cant play because it has to be a .zip file? I’m not 100% correct but still cant open the file.

  37. braden says:


  38. Joel says:


  39. Talon Staples says:

    these exe files dont run for me

  40. Truong Nhat Thien Phu says:

    I am guesing this is gonna work

  41. Person says:

    Is there any way to not install priceminus? I dont want viruses and pop up messages like the program says will happen

  42. caludia says:

    Louisa I miss you!!!!

  43. das benutzer says:

    dont download this bullshit
    it installs some shit on your computer, even if you click to not do it.
    if you already did it go to the add-ons of your browser and uninstall cuttheprice and the other thing.

  44. BOLBOL says:


  45. iballisticsquid says:

    i only know that u can get rayquaza in this game but can u get groudon or kyogre?

  46. Gio Bordonada says:

    after winning against the elite 4 the game actually ended.. so it did not save

  47. dddadskjlf says:

    download failed

  48. Tuong Hoang says:

    How to Hack Pokemon Games ROM GBA newest 2015

  49. superfansam says:

    how do you download

  50. george mouce says:

    How do you download!?

  51. caleb says:

    are ther viruses

  52. jxaediuceshㅤ says:


  53. The Lord says:

    Its not loading for me, please help

  54. Games Are Here Today GAHT says:

    When I try to download this on chrome, it always says that the file may be a “harm to my browsing experience”. Anyone know what I’ve done wrong as help would be great right now.

  55. Very nice website man. Keep it up! We could exchange links if you feel like it. My ROM website is: http://downloadromsz.blogspot.com

    I will add you anyway

  56. hohoho says:

    what is the password to access it

  57. OnioOfficial says:

    Hi! How do I actually play this game on VBA (VisualBoyAdvance) because when I clicked on “Files” and clicked open (and open Gameboy) then I scrolled down the list and I could not find the game. Please Help! =D

  58. OnioOfficial says:

    How do I actually open the game?? In the VBA because the game is not showing up on the downloads list even though I downloaded it. Can someone please help.

  59. Kawaii Potatoe says:

    why the fuck its a EXE file????

  60. Lelani T Sevestra says:

    I downloaded this and tried to run the application but it failed each time.

  61. Lelani T Sevestra says:

    be nice if I could get this up and running the online versions seem to just run terribly slow

  62. Lelani T Sevestra says:

    Okay so I downloaded it and when I click and dragon the exe onto the gameboy advance visual it says unsupported format

  63. Lelani T Sevestra says:

    Okay so I think I fixed the problem. Underneath the pokemon emerald picture and descript there is a download button I have clicked on it and it seems to download it as a zip, with an exe in it. I tried right click and save as this time and it downloaded as a gba inside the zip

  64. Lelani T Sevestra says:

    so when I go to switch position of pokemon it seems to freeze my game or gets stuck and hangs the pokemon just goes from left to right of the screen repeatidly.

  65. matt says:

    mine just says unsupported file type c when i try open the emerald game with vba

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